Crowbar-yhtyeen Kirk Windstein kertoo raitistumisestaan: ”Mikä ei tapa, se vahvistaa”

Yhdysvaltalaisen sludge metal -yhtye Crowbarin keulamies on kertonut Kerrang!-medialle juomisen ja huumeidenkäytön lopettamisestaan. Miehen mittari juomisen ja huumausaineiden käytön suhteen tuli täyteen hänen mukaansa vuoden 2010 aikana vuosien syöksykierteen jälkeen. Windstein soitti tuohon aikaan myös Downissa, jossa vaikutti myös muun muassa Panterasta tuttu Phil Anselmo. Kyseisessä yhtyeessä porukan aineidenkäyttö ei Windsteinin mukaan ollut kaunista katseltavaa:

“We all had our things. With Jimmy and Phil, as you say, it’s well documented and it’s no secret that they had heroin problems. The rest of us had alcohol and cocaine problems, so altogether it wasn’t a pretty thing to watch from either side. But we made it through, and that’s what’s important. Everybody’s turned over a new leaf and gotten a hold on themselves as far as addictions and abuse goes. Thankfully we’ve all made changes.”

Omaan elämäänsä ja ongelmiinsa Windstein haki muutosta vuonna 2010:

“Probably around 2010. I started drinking at home instead of going out to bars, because it was easier for me to avoid cocaine if I didn’t go out to where it would be. I erased all the dealers from my phone. I quit drinking hard liquor for the most part, but I had a little hangout room where I would watch sports, play guitar and drink beer. Before that I would go to a bar, not realise how I’d got home, pass out on the couch and wake up with two bags of coke. Then of course I’d go to the store to buy beer because if I’ve got cocaine I’ve got to have beer. And vice versa – if I went to a bar I’d have two beers, then I’d be calling a guy trying to score. It was an ugly thing to go through, but they say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I really do believe that to be true.”

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