Crystal Viper Listenable Recordsin talliin

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 9.10.2020

Heavy metallia soittava Crystal Viper on solminut usean albumin kattavan sopimuksen Listenable Recordsin kanssa. Bändin tuleva pitkäsoitto ”The Cult” julkaistaan levy-yhtiön kautta ensi vuoden tammikuussa. Marta Gabriel kommentoi sopimusta seuraavasti:

”I’m super excited about this new album, as it marks a new era of the band. First of all, it’s our first album for Listenable Records, and It’s also our first album with new drummer Cederick who joined us last year. I’m also back to playing guitar, and I couldn’t be happier !.
When it comes to style and music, we decided to do something we feel very comfortable and honest with, and show everyone where we belong and where we come from. So yes, ”The Cult” marks CRYSTAL VIPER’s return to its roots, pure classic heavy metal ! You might even want to call it old school, as we feel we‘ve never had as many catchy guitar riffs and harmonies than on any of our other albums.”

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