Damnation Plan tarjoilee ensimmäisen singlen tulevalta albumiltaan

Kotimainen melodista progressiivista death metallia soittava on julkaissut singlen tulevan toisen albuminsa nimikkokappaleesta ”Reality Illusion”. Voit kuunnella kappaleen tästä:

Bändillä on käynnissä Pledge Music -kampanja myöhemmin keväällä julkaistavan albumin julkaisusta, joka löytyy osoitteesta http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/damnationplan

Bändin rumpali/biisintekijä Jarkko Lunnas kommentoi albumia:

”Creating this album took us 3+ years of hard work, driving me and some of us almost insane during the process of recording the album almost entirely ourselves. It was a massive task but I believe it served the end result well!

The album deals with separating the truth from the beliefs and seeing it (or not seeing it) through the different bubbles that we’ve learned to live in our stable and modern societies. We are estranged from the reality until we are forced to face it.

The album delivers the message covering a whole spectrum of feelings from an atmospheric and emotional perspective, all the way to the maximal intensity.”

The band is also running a Pledge Music pre-order campaign for the upcoming full length album, out March 10 2017.

By pre-ordering the album from the campaign you’ll get 10+ in-depth video documentary episodes about the making of the album. The campaign can be found here: http://pledgemusic.com/damnationplan

The album was mixed by Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Bloodbath, etc) at Unisound Studios.

Reality Illusion -single @ Youtube
Reality Illusion -single @ Spotify



01 – Intro
02 – Beyond These Walls
03 – Rulers Of Truth
04 – Rise Of The Messenger
05 – Blinded Faith
06 – The Empowerment
07 – Maze Of Despair
08 – Iron Curtain Falls
09 – Reality Illusion
10 – A Chapter In Greed
11 – The Final Destination

Total length 56:22:40


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