Dance Gavin Dance korvasi Jonny Craigin

Yhdysvaltalainen post-hardcore -yhtye on värvännyt Tillian Pearsonin (Tides Of Man) Jonny Craigin tilalle. Craig sai kenkää parhaillaan meneillä olevalta The All Stars kiertueelta aiemmin tässä kuussa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi miehen tilityksen aiheesta.

”DGD wants to go harder and I don’t, so they have found another singer. The All Stars tour shit just kinda rushed what was gonna happen anyway… It was just time to go another way. I love the dudes and the band but I feel I’m made for more then what I’ve been doing… I respect DGD and whatever they do. It’s better this way. Trust meeeeeee folksssss… I’m sure whoever they get will sing my songs perfectly… I respect what they want and I know I’m going to move forward like always.”

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