Dark Angel työstää edelleen kauan odotettua paluualbumiaan

Kirjoittanut Vilma Peltokangas - 1.9.2020

Yhdysvaltalainen thrash metal -yhtye Dark Angel kertoi noin vuosi sitten toivovansa, että yhtyeen seuraava albumi julkaistaan vuoden 2020 aikana. Yhtyeen edellinen albumi ”Time Does Not Heal” julkaistiin vuonna 1991, ja yhtye aktivoitui uudelleen vuonna 2013. Dark Angelin kitaristi Ted Aguilar puhui hiljattain uudesta albumista ”Alive & Streaming” -videosarjassa, jonka voit katsoa uutisen lopusta. Aguilar kommentoi videolla seuraavaa:

”We are attempting to write another Dark Angel record. A bunch of things happened outside the music business that just sapped any sort of time, creativity… The time that I had allotted to spend on, ’Hey, I’m gonna be home for a few months here’ kind of thing, ’and I’m gonna write the hell out of Dark Angel stuff’. No. I had to take back two months and deal with some stuff that happened outside the biz for me. And so that really just wiped out my creativity.

Since this lockdown happened, I haven’t been able to get up to L.A. to get together with Jim Durkin, who is the legendary creator of Dark Angel. He’s back in the fold now. We did ”Time Does Not Heal” without Jim. But we’ve always found that we work best together when we’re just face-to-face. We both have guitars, and then we bought ourselves a little electronic kit, so I can drop a couple of beats and track over that.

It’s been 31 years since Jim originally left the band. Jim really built himself a really beautiful career, so between his schedule and my schedule, it has been challenge. But I’m hoping for the best.”