Dark Forest kitaristi jätti yhtyeen

Englantilaisen metallia soittavan Dark Forestin kitaristi James Lees on jättänyt yhtyeen. Yhtye on valinnut korvaavaksi kitaristikseen Patrick Jenkinsin. Yhtye kirjoittaa tällä hetkellä materiaalia seuraavalle albumilleen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen viesti asiaan liittyen.

”[James] decided to call it a day, saying that he feels his time in the band has run its course and he wants to explore and concentrate on other areas in his life. We respect his decision and would like to thank Jim for his huge contribution in making what it is and for all the fun we’ve had over the last ten years!

”Pat has been our friend for many years and has supported the band since the early days. His guitar skills have blown us away, his sense of melody and song writing are completely akin to DARK FOREST and he has been playing guitar with Christian in their folk project GRENE KNYGHT for a number of years so he was always the perfect choice to fill Jim’s shoes.”

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