Dark Funeral alkaa nauhoittaa uutta albumia

Dark Funeral 2014Dark Funeral on ilmoittanut siirtyvänsä studioon nauhoittamaan uutta albumia. Tulevan levyn tuottaa Daniel Bergstrand ja se julkaistaan Century Media Recordsin kautta. Lue kitaristi Lord Ahrimanin kommentit tästä:


”We’ve been waiting for this day a long time! Today we’ve finally entered Dug-Out studios in Uppsala to begin the recording of our sixth studio album! Last we were here, we recorded the ’Nail Them To The Cross’ single and that was indeed a great warm-up for the new album. It introduced Heljarmadr as the new vocalist and lyricist, showing that we are unstoppable and that we still hold the world in our hands, ready to crush and destroy! We are extremely eager to bring this monster into this world and after months of preparations we are finally here to summon the beast!!”

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