Darkanen uusi laulaja on Tobiasz Bennedal

Kirjoittanut Ingeborg Roos - 22.5.2024

Ruotsalainen Darkane kertoo, että yhtyeen uudeksi laulajaksi on pestattu Tobiasz Bennedal. Bennedal korvaa hiljattain yhtyeen jättäneen Lawrence Mackroryn.
Yhtye kommentoi Facebookissaan:

New singer announcement!

Darkane would like to welcome our new vocalist Tobiasz Bennedal to the band! We are very excited to start a new chapter together with Tobiasz as he is a very talented singer who can do the old Darkane songs very well while also contributing with his own style that will fit Darkane in an excellent way. He can be heard in bands such as Cronic, Halfpace and Crawl back to zero.

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Tobiasz will do his first live apprearence with Darkane on July 27th 2024 at Tullakroksfestivalen in Ängelholm, Sweden. He states that he is very eager to take on the roll as the new Darkane singer and while knowing it’s a bit of a challenge he will do his best to do it right.