Darkest Hour lanseeraa oman oluen

Yhdysvaltalainen parhaillaan uuden albuminsa julkaisua maaliskuulle kaavaileva Darkest Hour on lanseeraamassa yhteistyössä DC Brau Brewing Companyn kanssa omaa olutta nimeltä ”Savor The Swill”. Olut tulee olemaan saksalais-tyylinen Helles olut ja siinä tulee olemaan prosentteja 5%. Virallisen tiedotteen oluesta voit lukea tästä:

Yhtyeen kitaristi Mike Schleibaum on kommentoinut yhteistyötä seuraavasti:

“Almost any DC Brau beer pairs with a metal/punk rock show nicely. We’ve been drinkers of the Brau for a while now, but after getting to know their staff as well as the community that surrounds DC Brau, there is no question this feels like home, it is an honor to partner them. Their dedication to the DIY business community, Washington DC at large, their neighborhood, their employees, the local music scene, and of course the enjoyers of the beer they produce has shown through bright and clear as we have worked with them.

So cheers! Raise your glasses, mugs, plastic cups, chilled aluminum cans, or whatever hell you’re drinking beer out of. Here is a little something for your taste buds while you jam this new album and get you powered up for the circle pit when we come to town!”

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