Darkthrone julkaisi uuden kappaleen ”Black Dawn Affiliation”

Kirjoittanut Ingeborg Roos - 13.4.2024

Black metal -legenda Darkthrone on julkaissut uuden kappaleen ”Black Dawn Affiliation” lyriikkavideon kera. Kappale löytyy yhtyeen ”It Beckons Us All” -albumilta, joka julkaistaan 26. huhtikuuta.
Fenriz kommentoi kappaletta:

”Nocturno Culto sculpted BLACK DAWN AFFILIATION and as much as I writhe in woe trying to describe riffs I did not make, we are certainly rocking hard and dark around a dungeon of slow Kreator 1986-era riffs (think Awakening Of The Gods or Take Their Lives from the FLAG OF HATE 12″). ”

Nocturno Culto lisää:

“It is not easy to describe the music you make, but for sure I will try…it´s heavy! Everything worked out as I hoped for this track. Some things are just forged in the studio, like as Fenriz´s excellent vocals at the end of the song; and the choir I wanted. Instead of just taking shortcuts, Fenriz and I recorded three vocal tracks each, and it was brilliantly mixed by Silje at Chaka Khan. There are many things one can say about riffs, but I make songs from a combination of a very methodical approach and happy accidents! And somewhere in the back of my head, it´s most likely there is something affecting a lot of my decisions on little details that shapes the riffing.”