David Ellefson Megadethin ”Dystopia”-albumista: ”Fanit ovat iloisia kuullessaan samaa Megadethia, jonka kanssa he kasvoivat”

David Ellefson

Thrash metal -legenda Megadethin basisti David Ellefson kertoi äskettäin Straus Projectille yhtyeen viime vuonna ilmestyneestä ”Dystopia”-albumista Chicago Open Airin yhteydessä. Mies toteaa haastattelussa albumin hyvän vastaanoton liittyvän yhdenmukaisuuksiin bändin vanhan materiaalin kanssa ja voit lukea hänen kommenttejaan tästä:

”Well, it was a record that we… We probably worked on it for almost a year before we recorded it. And it took another six months or so, probably, to cut the record. It went through a lot of transitional things to get it to just kind of boil it down to the essence of what it really is. And I think what fans are happy about is they like to hear us being this MEGADETH that they grew up with.”

”We’ve done a lot of different things in our career. We’re a band that can write really intricate riffs, we’re a band who can write great choruses and hooks. I think the trick with ’Dystopia’ was sort of finetuning it and bringing all those elements together, because you can’t be the band you were on your debut record, and you’re not even gonna be the band you were on your last record, because life moves forward and developmens happen. And [LAMB OF GOD drummer] Chris Adler [who played on ’Dystopia’] was a big part of helping ’Dystopia’ get focused. And Kiko [LoureiroMEGADETH guitarist] coming in brought that… MEGADETH’s always had two… Dave [MustaineMEGADETH leader] and then this other juxtaposed guitar player, and I think Kiko really complemented that well… And live, Kiko’s an incredible performer as well.”

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