David Ellefson Megadethin uran ensimmäisiä keikkoja, kun toisena kitaristina bändissä toimi Slayerin Kerry King: ”Hän oli heti alusta asti loistava!”

Yhdysvaltalainen thrash metal -suuruus työstää parhaillaan seuraavaa albumiaan julkaistavaksi todennäköisesti vuoden 2021 aikana. Yhtyeen basisti David Ellefson on antanut hiljattain haastattelun Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspiratorsin basistin Todd Kernsin luotsaamalle podcastille, jossa hän on muistellut bändin ensimmäisiä livekeikkoja vuonna 1984, kun bändin riveissä toisena kitaristina soitti hetken aikaa Slayerin Kerry King. David Ellefson muisteli Kerry Kingin istuneen yhtyeeseen hyvin heti alusta lähtien ja tulleen todella hyvin toimeen laulaja-kitaristi Dave Mustainen kanssa, jota Kerry piti omana esikuvanaan nähtyään tämän esiintymässä Metallican riveissä. Ellefson kertoi ajasta Kerry Kingin kanssa seuraavaa:

”Kerry King was incredible. We were looking for a second guitar player to do these gigs when we debuted the band in 1984 up in San Francisco… There was a couple of guys around, and then Kerry was maybe referred to us by somebody. And he came in. At that time, still had makeup. didn’t really have their indentity yet… They grew up in Southern [California], so there was a lot of influences [from the L.A. metal scene]. So Kerry comes to play guitar with us. And he would stand there with just no expression on his face and watch Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH leader] play some gnarly riff like ’Chosen Ones’ or ’The Conjuring’, and then Kerry would just stand there and then he’d put his hand on his guitar and play it back note for note. And you’re, like, ’Holy hell! This guy really gets Dave.’ And [Kerry] always said. He goes, ’I saw Dave play with METALLICA opening for SAXON at the Whisky,’ and he said, ’It changed my life. Watching Dave in particular, it changed my life.’ So he kind of became a mentor and a role model. So [Kerry] was super happy to be in MEGADETH. And then when we went up to San Francisco, he saw the thrash scene and met the EXODUS guys and all that was going on, and Kerry saw the light. And he went back home to L.A. and wiped the makeup off of ’s faces.”

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