David Gilmourin ”The Girl in the Yellow Dress” -kappaleelle julkaistiin uusi musiikkivideo

david gilmourDavid Gilmourin uusi soololevy ”Rattle That Lock” on julkaistu jo jonkin aikaa sitten, mutta siltä löytävä kappale ”The Girl in the Yellow Dress” on hiljattain saanut uudet animoidun musiikkivideon. Gilmourin vaimo Polly Sampson, joka kirjoitti kappaleen sanat, on kommentoinut sitä seuraavasti:


“’The Girl In The Yellow Dress’ actually felt incredibly similar to writing a short story. With ’A Boat Lies Waiting’, I really tried to get under David’s skin. There was no point in me writing a song that he naturally wouldn’t sing, so I tried to look as clearly as I could through his eyes. It feels very similar to writing fiction. The added advantage is that there’s someone prompting me. There is no blank piece of paper, because the music is there.”