Dead To Fall lopettaa (1999-2008)

Dead To Fall on hajonnut. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen virallinen tiedote asiasta.

”Well, this is weird to say. broke up last Saturday night. I guess the years of drama and tension wore away at us until it all came to an explosive halt. While on the third day of the Super Massive Fist tour, things just erupted. This isn’t me talking shit about any of the members of the band, and I won’t be starting any drama. This is just saying we went home and the band is done. I knew it would happen someday, just not so soon after ’Are You Serious?’ came out. Logan has been the main force behind the guitars for the past few years and after he violently quit we all decided it just doesn’t make sense to do yet another line-up change. I have no idea if we are doing a last show, it doesn’t look like we are. It’s all really surreal, and I’m still processing the whole insane thing. To all the friends I have met in my time with Dead To Fall, I want to thank you for being amazing, loving, and caring people. I will not forget and I have no regrets.”

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