Death metal -veteraani Immolationilla suunnitelmissa siirtyä studion uumeniin keväällä 2020

Yhdysvaltalaisen death metal -veteraanin Immolationin kitaristi Robert Vigna on paljastanut tuoreessa australialaisen HEAVY Magazinen haastattelussa, että bändillä on toiveissa siirtyä ensi vuoden alussa studioon nauhoittamaan tulevaa albumiaan. Robert kertoi bändin tulevan levyn tilanteesta seuraavaa:

”We definitely have a bunch of stuff written. We try and keep a schedule, and then things get pushed back. So it’s just the way it goes. But we’re working on the music. We’re hoping to have it recorded probably very early next year and get it out sometime in the spring of next year. So we’re pretty much trying to stay in the target we initially set. But we have a lot of touring now, and from this point on, we’re pretty much on the road until the first week of December, on and off. So it’s a lot of touring. But that’s okay… We really wanted to get out there and kind of get ourselves out and about and then work on the new music at the same time.”

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