Deathin Chuck Schuldinerin kitara myytiin yli 31 000 dollarilla

Kirjoittanut Ingeborg Roos - 23.4.2024

Legendaarisen Death-yhtyeen edesmenneen nokkamiehen Chuck Schuldinerin kustomoitu Emerald Green B.C. Rich Stealth -kitara myytiin eBayssa 31 300 dollarilla, joka on noin 29 400 euroa. Myyjänä toimi Schuldinerin veljenpoika Chris Steele. Näet alkuperäisen eBay-listauksen tästä linkistä.

”Up for auction is Chuck Schuldiner’s USA made, custom shop, Emerald Green B.C. Rich Stealth. I would date the guitar around mid to late nineties due to some B.C. Richs leaving the custom shop without serial numbers, this being one of them.

”It is in absolutely remarkable shape, Chuck never took it on the road but did use it in the studio from time to time. It’s exactly the way Chuck left it aside from a new pot and knob. Chuck removed the knob at some point and never replaced it.

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”I’m also including the original pot for historical value. It’s strung appropriately with 10 gauge GHS Boomers. I provide a personalized COA upon close of auction and payment. If shipped overseas I will remove the strings to preserve the integrity of the neck. Good luck and happy bidding.”