Deathwhiten uusi albumi ulos tammikuussa: ”Funeral Ground” -kappale kuunneltavissa

Dark metal -yhtye Deathwhite julkaisee tammikuun 31. päivä ”Grave Image” -nimisen albuminsa Season of Mistin kautta. Esimakua tarjoillaan ”Funeral Ground” -nimisen kappaleen myötä, jota yhtye kommentoi seuraavasti:

”We were quite elated upon seeing Jérôme Comentale’s cover art design for ’Grave Image.’ With that mind, we wanted to find some way to tie it into a video, which we did for ’Funeral Ground’. It is not obvious at first, but, rest assured, it is there. We had the good fortune of shooting during a brisk autumn day in the natural outdoors, something that we feel only added to the song’s overall atmosphere, which treads some new – no pun intended – ground for us. Due credit to our resident jack-of-all-trades Shane Mayer, who lent his considerable time and energy to the video’s creation.”

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