Dee Snider paljastaa: ”En kirjoittanut tulevalle sooloalbumilleni yhtään mitään”

Yhdysvaltalaisesta Twisted Sisterista tuttu laulaja Dee Snider julkaisee seuraavan sooloalbuminsa nimeltä ”For The Love Of Metal” heinäkuun 27. päivä Napalm Recordsin kautta. Dee on myöntänyt tuoreessa haastattelussa saaneensa laulettavakseen täysin valmiin albumin johon hänen ei tarvinut tehdä mitään muutoksia niin sanoituksien kuin itse musiikin osalta. Voit lukea Deen perustelut miksi hän oli valmis nauhoittamaan albumin ilman mitään suuria muutoksia tästä:

”I’m not gonna bullshit you; I don’t bullshit anybody. I didn’t write a thing. [Producer and HATEBREED singer Jamey] Jasta, to his credit, he studied me like… I don’t know… like a fucking insect under a microscope, I guess… and he channeled me in such a way that… He studied my voice, he studied my lyrics, and everything he brought to me, it was like it came from me. But I did not write on this record. Yet everything that was presented to me, I felt inspired — I felt, ’This works for me, it speaks to me, and I can sing it like it’s coming from my soul,’ and I mean it.”

”I’ll give you the ultimate example of how he was channeling me. During the recording of the record… When we started the record, my mother was healthy, 85, alive and vital — a contributing member of society, art teacher, [doing] charitable work — an amazing woman. During the recording, she was hit by a car, [suffered] brain damage, became a vegetable, [she spent] two months in the hospital and then died. And all while we were recording the record. And at one point, I’m recording a song… And I didn’t stop recording, because metal, for me, has always been that release of all those hardcore emotions — anger and frustration and sorrow; just all those things that needed to get out. I couldn’t stop, because I needed to express it through my music — through music in general: listening to it, playing it, singing it, rocking. So I’m singing a song called ’I’m Ready’. And I’m singing a line, and all of sudden, I stop recording. And Jasta wasn’t in the studio that day; Nick Bellmore, who co-produced, was there. And the line I was singing was, ’Death brings us sorrow no one can heal, love brings us memory no one can steal.’ And I said, ’Did Jamey write that about my mom?’ And [Nick] goes, ’Yeah, he did.’ And he had written a song for me about losing my mom that was so on the spot…

”So I didn’t feel like, ’Oh, man. This is somebody else’s words I’m singing.’ No, they’re my words,” he added. ”Whether he sees things the way I see things, or he was trying to see things the way I see things, it is as heartfelt as it could be if I wrote everything myself. As I do with TWISTED SISTER — I wrote every song myself.”