Dee Snider tulevasta ”My Enemy’s Enemy” -kauhuelokuvastaan: ”Se tulee olemaan erittäin järkyttävä”

Yhdysvaltalaisesta heavy metal -yhtyeestä Twisted Sisteristä tunnettu kertoo ”Metal Casino Live” -haastattelussa Marielle Tengströmille muun muassa koronapandemian aikaisista projekteistaan, jotka eivät liity musiikkiin. Snider kertoo saaneensa juuri valmiiksi ensimmäisen fiktiivisen romaaninsa sekä aikovansa myös ohjata kaksi elokuvaa, joista toinen on Sniderin itsensä kirjoittama ”My Enemy’s Enemy” -niminen kauhuelokuva.

”I just finished my first fictional novel, which going out to publishers now, so I hope I’m gonna get a deal on that. I’m scheduled to direct two movies. I was supposed to be directing one right now, but the COVID thing shut down production — a newPlay  scary movie called ’My Enemy’s Enemy’ that I wrote. I’ve been hired to rewrite a cult classic from the ’80s that I may be directing as well.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gravitated more and more to writing, storytelling, because I like the freedom I have from not being on a stage or in the front — being behind it. ’Cause when I’m writing, I’m anybody — I could be you, I could be me, I could be a teenager, I could be a black person, a Chinese person. The only thing that matters is that the words I write are believable and the actors can play the role. So I feel free writing, because I can only do certain things with this face. I could be scary guy in a movie, I could be a rock and roll guy, but when I’m writing, I’m anybody. So you’re gonna see less and less from me musically and more from me — books, movies, things like that.” – Dee Snider

Kun Sniderilta kysytään lisätietoja tulevasta ”My Enemy’s Enemy” -elokuvasta, hän vastaa seuraavasti:

”’My Enemy’s Enemy’ is powerfully disturbing. People said to me, after ’Strangeland’ (the 1998 American horror thriller film written by Snider), why didn’t I do something else, and I said ’cause I didn’t have an idea; I didn’t wanna just do something typical. And there was a crime committed where I grew up on Long Island in 1982. It’s considered the most horrible of crimes in the history of the area where I grew up. Each of the people convicted got 365 years in prison — each — for the crime. And I took that story, and I said, ’Well, what if…?’ And I’m being very general, ’cause I don’t wanna give away too much at this point. But I said, ’What if when this crime was happening, a Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees showed up — someone who was more evil. And ’My Enemy’s Enemy’ is about, can we join each other, when we’re enemies, to fight a greater enemy? If you’ve just had horrible things done to you by people, but could you work with them to fight somebody who was even more horrible. So it’s based on a true story, but then I just went with what I call the X factor and go into fantasy world. So I think people are gonna be very disturbed, but they’re gonna enjoy it.”

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