Def Leppardin Vivian Campbell: ”On hyvin mahdollista että aloitamme seuraavan albumin työstämisen 2019”

Vuonna 1977 perustetun Def Leppard-yhtyeen kitaristi Vivian Campbell on kertonut The Keg-radiokanavan haastattelussa, että on hyvin todennäköistä ajatella bändin siirtyvän ensi vuonna studioon työstämään uutta albumia, kun tämän vuoden kiertuekiireet on saatu alta pois:

”Well, you know, individually, we’re always writing songs. So I know that if we decided next week to go into the studio, we would have plenty of ideas to get started on. We haven’t officially discussed it yet, but I would imagine, this year, 2018, is a very, very, very heavy touring schedule for the band. We’re doing 60-plus shows with Journey in North America. Then we’re going to Hawaii, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and England, and we finish in the U.K. on December 18th. So I don’t think we’ll probably tour quite as heavily in 2019. So there’s a very strong chance we’ll probably get into the studio and at least start on a new record next year. We always try and do it the best that we can. The landscape has changed, and the music industry has changed, and how people consume music, how they acquire it and how they buy it and how they listen to it, all that is very, very different than what it was back in the ’80s and ’90s. But what hasn’t changed with Def Leppard is we’ll always try and make the best record we can, we’ll always try and write the best song that we can. So that work ethic is not gonna change in Def Leppard.”

Def Leppardin ja Journeyn 58 kaupungin yhteiskiertue käynnistyy 21.toukokuuta ja kattaa Pohjois-Amerikan.

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