Defeated Sanityn uusi ”Disposal/Dharmata” -julkaisu kuunneltavissa kokonaisuudessaan

defeatedsanityHelsingin Nosturissa 29.10. Kuolema II -festivaaleilla esiintyvä saksalainen brutaalin death metalin veteraani  julkaisee 22.7. Willowtip Recordsin kautta samoissa kansissa kaksi EP:tä, joista “Disposal of the Dead” on tyyliltään perinteisempi ja ”Dharmata” kokeellisempi. Kyseessä on siis ikään kuin yhtyeen split-julkaisu itsensä kanssa. Julkaisu on nyt ladattu Soundcloudiin kokonaisuudessaan, ja voit kuunnella sen alta. Basisti Jacod Smidth kertoo julkaisusta seuraavaa Decibel Magazinelle:

“We’ve always struggled to bring all our influences into our music.”

“You can only put so many ‘progressive’ elements into brutal death metal without sacrificing brutality. Especially in the production of our albums, we felt that we lose many of the little intricacies to the extreme guitar sound, making them almost inaudible. It is hard to get an organically thick and brutal sound that has enough dynamics to let all the little technical elements from each instrument shine. That’s how we came up with the idea of dividing those two realms into a pure brutal and a more progressive ‘old school’ sounding EP and combining them.”

“We started writing both EPs at the same time but finished Disposal way before Dharmata. As always, Lille did the biggest part of the songwriting. I contributed a good chunk of riffs and ideas to Dharmata, though, as did Chris. We had one option for vocals other than Max but it didn’t work out. Max was interested from the beginning and was so quick with learning the songs. It was a clear choice and we are very happy with it.”

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