Demonical promoaa tulevaa albumiaan ”World Domination” uudella singlellä

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 23.9.2020

Ruotsalainen death metalia soittava Demonical julkaisee 23. lokakuuta Agonia Recordsin kautta tulevan levynsä ”World Domination” ja on nyt julkaissut levyltä ensimmäisen singlen ”My Kingdom Dome” verkkoon kuunneltavaksi. Bändi kommentoi albumia näin:

”So here we have it, ’World Domination’; our sixth full-length album and the first one to feature new vocalist. Christofer Sätderdal and new-old drummer Ronnie Bergerstål. ’World Domination’ continues the same path as our previous ’Chaos Manifesto’ slap, in other words, fierce HM-2 driven Swedish death metal, a ravage combination of brutality, melody and darkness. As always on every album, even this time we tried out some new traces and elements we haven’t explored before and have to say that we are stoked about the final outcome. When it comes to the production, this is clearly our most dynamic and vivid album so far. Not only did we use a different way of recording everything, we went also for a much more energetic and breathing sound closer to how albums were produced in the late 80’s and early 90’s. ’World Domination’ was recorded at a few different studios around Sweden, then mixed & mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén – a victorious collaboration we started with on our previous album.”