Destroy Destroy Destroy ilman rumpalia

Kirjoittanut Teemu Hakala - 18.2.2008

Rumpali Erick W. Brown on jättänyt Destroy Destroy Destroyn. Lue lisää nähdäksesi hänen virallisen viestin aiheesta.

Hi, after I saw that Adam posted the wrong URL for Inferi, and also because whenever something like this happens the person involved says something, I decided to take it upon myself to post this for people to read.Yes, I have made the decision to leave Destroy Destroy Destroy, but it has nothing to do with ”creative differences” or ”bad blood” or anything remotely close. I am still in love with everyone in the band very much, which did not make the decision any easier…. and the new material is sweeter, epic-er and awesomer than ever.

I’ve also never been in a band where everyone gets along so well, and even our worst shows were some of the best shows just because of the way we treated them and had fun the whole time no matter what…. this is a rare quality.

The analogy I’ve been using to explain why I’m fairly proud of, as it seems to be fairly accurate:

To me, Destroy became that girlfriend you date for almost 3 years, but eventually you get bored of each other and just feel it’s best to make a clean break while you’re still on good terms, and also can be happy with one another to pursue your own lives.

It goes without saying that the good times will be missed… but the long and short of everything is that it just simply wasn’t the same as it used to be. I’ve been wanting to go to school for awhile, I’ve become more interested in programming and composing musics on my own, and I feel my position in the band would be much better filled by someone with more desire to move forward with Destroy and who didn’t care about line errors in 6502 assembly code.

So there you have it…. anyone meeting the requirements set forth by Destroy should step forward, in the manner also set forth by Destroy (no ”i playe drumz lol just give me 16 months and i can get it lol let me know if u need to kno ne thing else lol”) or forever be left in the dark. If you possess the abilities but for whatever reason can’t figure out my SUPER COMPLEX drum parts [citation needed], of course I would be happy to help if needed.