Destruction julkaisi coverin Acceptin ”Fast As A Shark” -kappaleesta

Kirjoittanut Ingeborg Roos - 10.7.2024

Thrash metal -yhtye Destruction on julkaissut coverin AcceptinFast As A Shark” -kappaleesta. Kappale löytyy yhtyeen 12″ vinyyliltä ”No Kings-No Masters”.
Vokalisti Schmier kertoo:

“When this song came out in 1982, it changed our world. There it was: The first German speed metal anthem and what an intense harmony solo!!!!
I still love this track like on the first day I heard it, so to finally cover it was a manifested desire. We did it the DESTRUCTION way, ‘cause the original will always be the best version! This is a tribute to one of the originators of heavy music and shows how important this tune was for the whole metal
world! Enjoy!”

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