Devil Sold His Soul palaa hiljaiselon jälkeen – uusi single nyt julkaistu

Brittiläinen post-hardcore -yhtye  rikkoi pitkään jatkuneen hiljaiselonsa joulukuussa ilmoittamalla uudesta albumista ”Loss”, joka julkaistaan 9. päivä huhtikuuta Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Nyt bändi on julkaissut uuden kappaleensa ”The Narcissist” verkkoon kuunneltavaksi. Laulaja Paul Green:

‘The Narcissist’ is our heaviest track on the new record. It was written about the negative and disruptive people we have in our lives from time to time. It’s a middle finger to their unapologetic attitude and their inability to grasp reason or logic. It seems the world has spawned a lot of these types of people lately and this one’s for them.

We started capturing elements for this track 3 years ago during our shows in Japan. Jonny our guitarist/producer, recorded the dissonant warning bells from the train station in Tateishi where we were staying. It’s a really cool memory from our time out there and to have it on the track just adds something special for us, it takes us back to that time and place every listen.

We worked with the super talented Olli Appleyard on the music video for this track. Olli has an incredible imagination and some techniques and style that are completely unique to him, which we love. The main focus was to make the video aggressive, schizophrenic and imposing. ‘Loss’ is a diverse record with many facets, each of the singles we’ve chosen showcases another side of the album’s sound. We hope those who are craving something on the heavier side find satisfaction in this track, there’s something for everyone on this record and we’re excited for you all to hear it on April 9th.”

Levyn biisilista:

1. Ardour
2. Witness Marks
3. Burdened
4. Tateishi
5. The Narcissist
6. Beyond Reach
7. Signal Fire
8. Acrinomy
9. But Not Forgotten
10. Loss

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