Devin Townsend julkaisi tunnin mittaisen tunnelmallisen kitaraimprovisaatioklipin: ”Tykkään soittaa tällaista”


Kanadalainen musiikin monitaitaja Devin Townsend on jakanut YouTube-kanavallaan tunnin mittaisen kitaraimprovisointipätkän. Mies on omien sanojensa mukaan työskennellyt oudon musiikin parissa viime päivät. Townsend kertoo, että viime vuosien aikana hänen soitostaan 80 prosenttia on päätynyt kuulostamaan jakamansa äänityksen tyyliseltä. Tunnelmallinen äänite on nauhoitettu yhdellä otolla, johon sisältyi myös vessatauko, mutta sen mies kertoi editoineensa pois. Townsend kertoo julkaisevansa äänitteen myös fyysisessä muodossa, mikäli tämä herättää kuulijoissa mielenkiintoa. Julkaisun ohessa Townsend kirjoittaa:

”So, it’s been a strange week, and I have been writing a lot of strange music. Amidst the more tumultuous stuff that’s appeared, I often find it therapeutic for me to just simply play guitar in the mornings, and over the years I’ve kind of ’developed’ (for lack of a better descriptor) a sort of chilled out, ambient guitar technique. This isn’t meant to be focussed on, it’s meant to be a sort of wash that you can play while working, chilling, or creating something (that’s my hope at least). I like playing like this, and in fact, I’d say 80% of what I play with a guitar in my hand over the last decade or so ends up sounding something like this.

I had recorded some of it in the background of the Podcasts (which I will be continuing) and was asked to post it, but it made more sense to me to do a fresh one here. Lots of people still think I’m secretly the same raging metalhead I was in my mid 20’s, but it’s been a few decades since I legitimately felt that way I’d say. This improvisation is one take (with a bathroom break I edited out) and I used a Sadowsky Telecaster and a Fractal AX-8 for the sound. Art for this (and the Podcast) are done by my good friend Travis Smith at

Hopefully it’s helpful to some of you who need a sonic break.

Thanks again for the ability to do this. I’ll release this in a physical form if there’s any interest.

I really like echo.


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