Devin Townsendilta päivitys uuteen albumiin liittyen

Kanadalainen muusikko Devin Townsend on julkaissut virallisen viestin, jossa hän kuvailee tulevan ”Epicloud” nimeä kantavan albuminsa äänimaailmaa. Albumin on määrä ilmestyä syyskuussa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Devinin viesti albumiin liittyen.

“Epicloud: Initially an ‘in between’ idea to bridge the 4 last albums and Z2…a way to satisfy my recent craving for melodic hard rock…It became an epic experiment. way more intense and demanding than I expected.

Experiments in all ways of making records. democracy, mix…It’s beautiful, melancholy, loud, and ‘detached’ in an experimental way…wanted to make something ‘larger than life’…

Any way you slice it, it’s beautiful… and even as an ‘interm’ idea, it stands unique among things I’ve done, and as something very special

Oh, and…it’s freaking Epic!! I’d say mixture of melodic parts of Ocean Machine, Rocking bits like Addicted, simplicity in parts like Accelerated, but more dynamic. …And tried to mix it so you could crank it up.”

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