Disturbedin David Draiman: ”Aiomme jatkaa uraamme hautaan asti”

Disturbed David Draiman 2016Yhdysvaltalaisen metalliyhtye Disturbedin vokalisti on antanut hiljattain haastattelun 100.3 FM The Bear -nimiselle kanadalaiselle radiokanavalle, jossa Draimanilta on kysytty yhtyeen suunnitelmista julkaista vielä albumeita tulevaisuudessa. Draiman on haastattelussa kertonut yhtyeen jatkavan niin kauan kuin se vain fyysisesti on mahdollista. Voit lukea Draimanin ajatuksia aiheen tiimoilta tästä:

”Oh, absolutely! There’s no end to this. We’ll end when we’re no longer physically able to do this anymore, or when the desire for us peters out, and I hope that neither one ever happens. This is an addiction in the purest form possible, and once you’ve tasted what it’s like to play live to an audience that truly loves you and that gets empowerment and release and strength from what you do, it’s impossible to turn away — at least for me. And I know that I speak for the rest of my brothers in the band when it comes to that as well. We have a symbiotic relationship that makes all of us stronger — the fans and band. And you can’t walk away from the most addictive sensation in existence; it’s nearly impossible. And my family will have to forgive me for my one final vice that exists in my life.”

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