Don Dokken vahvasti eri mieltä George Lynchin kanssa: ”Dokken ei tee enää koskaan uutta paluuta”

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 11.10.2016

don dokkenYhdysvaltalaisen glam rock -yhtye Dokkenin klassinen kokoonpano kiertää Japanissa “Unleashed in the East” -kiertueen aikana kuuden keikan verran. Bändin ainoaksi jäävältä Yhdysvaltojen keikalta on aiemmin julkaistu livevideoita, ja Japanin kiertueelta ilmestyy myöhemmin DVD-julkaisu. Laulaja Don Dokken on ehdoton siitä, ettei Dokken soita kiertueen jälkeen klassisella kokoonpanolla. Hän kommentoi japanilaisen Young Guitar -lehden haastattelussa lyhyttä paluuta:

”I never thought I would play with George again — ever. I thought, ’This is it.’

”They’ve been asking me for almost six years to do a DOKKEN reunion, and I said, ’No. The answer is no.'”

Don Dokken kertoi perustelunsa miksi lopulta suostui soittamaan George Lynchin kanssa:

”It’s not about money. It’s not about money. I don’t need the money. It’s not about money. I have enough money to live me two lives. It’s about the fans and the love and to play well.

”It’s only six days, but there’s not gonna be shows in America or Europe or Sweden or Germany. We have all these offers for a lot of money — they’re [offering] us a lot of money — to play Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the answer is ’no.’ Six shows — that’s it. And it’s never gonna happen again. And that’s it. And we’re gonna film it in Dakota — one show — film it on DVD, and that’s it. George will go back to LYNCH MOB, and Jeff will go back to FOREIGNER, and I will continue on with [the current version of DOKKEN featuring] Jon Levin and Chris McCarvill and Wild Mick [Brown], and we will go forward.”

Kitaristi George Lynch kommentoi kiertuetta:

”Actually, one of our old techs, our drum tech, who actually works with GUNS N’ ROSES now — he’s Axl Rose’s kind of right-hand man, and has been for decades. So he’s pretty well-connected. He arranged this for us. His name’s Tom Mayhew, and he put this together for us, and, miraculously, it worked for everybody — everybody agreed to it — which kind of shocked me, because we tried this before. This is maybe our second or third attempt at possibly reforming, and it’s always fallen apart, obviously, until this time. I knew it was real when we bought our plane flights. Then I knew, ’Okay, this is actually gonna happen.'”

Hän lisäsi kuinka kaikki halusivat paluun onnistuvan:

”There’s always some pre-conditions that we were all aware of, but once those were met, we knew that it was basically clear skies and there weren’t any obstacles other than just somebody not wanting to do it,” he explained. ”There were a lot of reasons to do it and there weren’t any reasons not to do it. I mean, it was a really minimal amount of time to invest. It’s essentially just Japan, and we have kind of a wonderful and interesting relationship in our history with Japan. We had a lot of success there and had a lot of great memories from going over there.

Lynchin näkemys Dokkenin klassisen kokoonpanon jatkosta on optimistinen:

”So, actually, the way I’m looking at this is it’s a good sort of test to see how we get along and how it feels and how it sounds when we start playing together. And if it works, maybe we’ll continue on. That’s what I’m hoping.”

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