Doom-yhtye Hangman’s Chair Nuclear Blast Recordsille

Ranskalainen doom metal-yhtye Hangman’s Chair on solminut sopimuksen Nuclear Blast Recordsin kanssa. Bändin uusi single ”Cold & Distant” on kuunneltavissa ohessa. Bändi kommentoi:

”We’re thrilled about this new collaboration with a respectable and renowned music company such as . Looking forward for a brighter future, let’s see where it will leads us.”

Nuclear Blastin Euroopan johtaja Jerome Riera:

”I’m delighted to welcome HANGMAN’S CHAIR to the Nuclear Blast family. With our label stepping up its operation in France I’m really pleased to be working with an act that represents some of the best emerging talent the French metal scene has to offer, bringing them to an international audience. Hangman’s Chair’s forthcoming album is going to be fantastic, and I’m sure their heavy, heart-rending sound will strike a mournful chord with audiences all over the world.”

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