Dream Theaterilta uusi albumi syksyllä

Yhdysvaltalainen progressiivista metallia soittava on valinnut uuden albumin miksaajakseen Andy Wallacen (Avenged Sevenfold, Sepultura, Nirvana). Alustavasti bändi suunittelee albumin julkaisua syyskuulle Roadrunner Recordsin kautta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi kitaristi John Petruccin ja kosketinsoittaja Jordan Rudessin kommentit liittyen yhtyeen uuden rumpalin Mike Manginin osallistumiseen biisien teossa.

”Mike didn’t write with us,”


”Basically, we got in the studio and did our thing. We wrote songs and sent them to him. He came in and just nailed his parts. He’s incredible. I’m finishing my keyboard parts right now, and I’ll go to the computer to see how things are lining up, and I’m just speechless. The guy doesn’t mess up!” [laughs]

”We had the demos, had them fully written out, and he learned them and added his own stuff,”


”But every time he would do something, if I said, ’Hey, can you do that again?’ he’d do it, and it would be perfect. The guy is… he’s out of his mind! [laughs] People are not going to believe how great he is.”

”But what’s really special about him is, he’s not just a technician,

”Yes, he plays his parts perfectly, but he comes at everything as a total musician. Everything he does has real soul and a depth of feeling.””


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