Dream Theaterin James LaBrie paljastaa kieltäytyneensä koe-esiintymisestä Iron Maidenin laulajaksi vuonna 1992

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 22.10.2021

Yhdysvaltalainen progressiivisen metallin jättiläinen Dream Theater julkaisi tänään uusimman ”A View From The Top Of The World” -nimisen albuminsa ja voit kuunnella albumin kokonaisuudessaan tästä:

Yhtyeen laulaja James LaBrie on antanut albumiin liittyen haastattelun hiljattain The Metal Voicelle, jossa paljastaa kieltäyneensä Iron Maidenin managerin Rob Smallwoodin ehdotuksesta koe-esiintyä Iron Maidenin laulajaksi vuonna 1992. LaBrie kertoo Smallwoodin lähestyneen laulajaa niihin aikoihin kun Dream Theater etsi itselleen managementtia ”Images And Words” -albumin nauhoitusten jälkeen mutta kertoo samassa kieltäyneensä samantien koska hänellä ei ollut mitään aikomuksia jättää Dream Theateria. LaBrie kertoi aiheesta seuraavaa:

”Yeah, sure. Absolutely there was. Because at the time, we were being looked at to be managed by IRON MAIDEN’s management. And so, [MAIDEN’s manager] Rod Smallwood, at the time, we were playing darts, and he took me aside and he said, ’What do you think about…?’

”You’ve gotta remember — I was in a very bizarre situation. DREAM THEATER, we had already recorded [1992’s] ’Images And Words’, we were looking for management, we were getting ready to try and set up a tour and get out there. And I remember him saying to me — he takes me aside, and the rest of the guys in DREAM THEATER were there too, playing darts, because we were looking at him for management. And he says, ’I just wanna throw something at you.’ And he had his assistant with him too — Merck — at the time. And they were both standing there. They were going, ’What do you think about being the singer with IRON MAIDEN?’ And I said, ’What? What are we talking about here? I’m confused. Are you not here for the reason that you might start managing DREAM THEATER? Or are you here to get me to become…?’ And I had already recorded the [DREAM THEATER] album. Can you imagine how bizarre that was?’

Anyways, so I just said, ’No. No way. You know what? I’m gonna tell you the reasons why I’m not going to do this.’ And they said, ’What’s that?’ And I said, ’One: DREAM THEATER. That’s it. Period.’ And I said, ’But if I need to go any further with this, way back when I was 22 years old, I sang for a band called CONEY HATCH for a year. And I walked [in as the replacement for] another singer [named] Carl Dixon,’ and I said, ’and basically what I felt like was a glorified jukebox.’ And I said, ’Because I came into the band, I was able to sing all that stuff no problem — no problem — but there was never that ’This is me. And this is what I created.’ It was about, ’Are you looking at me for who and what I am?’ I don’t think so. And I don’t think you ever will.

”Bruce and I have mutual respect for one another. We’ve met several times. We’ve done several shows. I remember doing the BBC show with him. And there was that mutual respect between the two of us. And I remember just thinking, ’I’m not gonna get out there and be singing MAIDEN every night — even though I think they’re a great band, and Bruce is a great singer. No, thank you.’ I need to create something that I can say, ’No, this is what I created from the beginning.’ And we all know, okay, I wasn’t on the first [DREAM THEATER] album, ’When Dream And Day Unite’.”

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