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Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 19.10.2015

dvalin-logoSaksalainen folk metalia soittava Dvalin on kiinnitetty NoiseArt Recordsille. Bändin debyyttialbumi ”Aus Dem Schatten” julkaistaan yhtiön kautta 8. tammikuuta 2016. Voit lukea bändin itsensä sekä Eluveitie-yhtyeen Chrigel Glanzmannin kommentit aiheesta täältä.

Kaupallinen yhteistyö

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Dvalin itse kommentoi albumia seuraavasti:

”After an endless march through dark caverns and chambers Dvalin, military leader of the dwarfs, is finally able to catch a glimpse of the flashy daylight. The Edda tells the story of him leading his people to freedom once again, after having to suffer from years of suppression. That is the mystical moment we tried to capture on our album cover, connecting it with the album title “Aus dem Schatten”, which symbolizes the liberation from the core of the earth. While some of the songs are referring to this tale very directly, others are linked with this subject in a more abstract way, dealing with rise and decay, faith and despair, those contrasts also being processed musically.”

Bändi saa hehkutusta myös Eluveitie-vokalisti Chrigel Glanzmannilta:

”Dvalin are not just ’another Folk / Pagan Metal Act’, they stand head and shoulders above the pack with their unique sound, which is both refreshing and original! The guys combine melodic, playful and sometimes experimental Death Metal with classical medieval sounds, blending instruments like the bagpipes akin to medieval rock bands such as In Extremo. A delight for the ear is also the fact that each member knows his craft and Dvalin move playfully at a higher level than one that might expect from a band so young.”

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