Eluveitie julkaisi uuden ”Ambiramus”-singlen musiikkivideon kera

Sveitsiläinen folk metal -yhtye Eluveitie julkaisi tulevalta ”Ategnatos”-albumiltaan uuden ”Ambiramus”-singlen musiikkivideon muodossa. Uusi levy ilmestyy  huhtikuun 5. päivä, ja sen odotusta voi nostaa uuden biisin myötä.

Yhtyeen toinen laulaja Chrigel Glanzmann kommentoi tuoretta singleä ja tulevaa albumia:

”Here you go – the next single off our upcoming album: AMBIRAMUS!
It’s definitely one of the most exceptional songs from our discography! AMBIRAMUS comes in quite groovy and with a light-hearted, yet racing folk reel in the chorus and a very accessible overall appearance; easily the brightest song we’ve ever written. Yet at the same time it goes to where the actual magic of traditional Celtic folk music exists: a place where cheerfulness and melancholy, hardship and hope, glee and deep mysticism meet to become one! And this deep, wistful yet hopefull mysticism is also found in the song’s lyrics, which will take you to the very core of the Celtic mythology the album contemplates. AMBIRAMUS (gaulish for ”Voyage”) is based on a late Celtic literary tradition – the so-called Immrama tales. AMBIRAMUS is the last song we wrote for the album and it’s probably the result of and a testimony to the very inspiring and creative atmosphere, in which we created ATEGNATOS! The song basically ’fell into place’ after Alain finished the drum tracking, and it was written and arranged in just a few hours.
We hope you enjoy it!”

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