Emperorilla ei ole aikomusta soittaa lisää keikkoja tulevaisuudessa

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 6.10.2014

emperor-logoNorjalaisen black metallin legendan Emperorin vokalisti Ihsahn antoi kesällä Bloodstock Open Airissa haastattelun Scuzz TV:lle, jossa kertoo yhtyeen kesän keikkojen jäävän bändin viimeisiksi.

”No, there’s nothing planned. I mean, that was kind of the main goal for this — to keep it very limited, not get greedy about it or anything, because, obviously, there’s quite a lot of money involved. First and foremost, before we even booked one show, we said, ’Okay, let’s keep this limited, let’s get Faust [Bård Eithun] back in to perform the original drumming, and his style of drumming, and let’s not repeat what we did before. Let’s do something… This is a celebration for us and those who have a relationship to that album, and just make the most of it, but keep it limited and not overdo anything.’ Also, of course we’re doing some pyros and we’re putting on a bit of a show, but at the same time, in the same spirit. ’Cause the people in the organization [wanted to] bring out this huge crew and everything. And I said, you have to remember, ’In The Nightside Eclipse’, it’s very DIY. We literally took all the pictures and put together the cover [using] glue and scissors. That’s kind of how we worked back then. There were no big budgets, there were no producers or anything, it was just very DIY. So I said, for this album, let’s keep that in mind and keep it simple and kind of connect with that. Because that’s what it’s all about. This is not rocket science. This is quite easy stuff. And when I travel with my solo stuff, which in essence is much more complicated to perform on a stage, that’s where I will need a lot of crew. But this time, we’re very comfortable that we have a great crew with us, all people we know from before mostly, and everybody is [on] the same wavelength of keeping a very relaxed atmosphere to everything and trying to enjoy the process as much as possible. And I think that kind of gives it a bit of peace as well, that this is not something that you have to take responsibility. Everybody knows what they’re doing and then it’s the end and it’s all good and it’s finished.”