Emperorin ainut Skandinavian keikka varmistui

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 20.8.2013

emperor-bandRuotsissa järjestettävä Sweden Rock Festival on julkaissut omalla Facebook -sivullaan viestin, jonka mukaan norjalainen black metallia soittava Emperor soittaa ainoan Skandinavian keikkansa ensi kesällä kyseisessä festivaalissa. Sweden Rock järjestetään ensi vuonna 4-7. päivä kesäkuuta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi järjestäjän tiedote asiaan liittyen.

EMPEROR confirmed to play Sweden Rock Festival 2014. Only show in Scandinavia during 2014!

Few can boast a reputation in black metal like Norway’s Emperor. The band, centered around frontman Ihsahn (Vegard Sverre Tveitan) and guitarist Samoth (Tomas Haugen), were pioneers in grandiose, keyboard-laden black metal. This without alienating underground purists in the process. The debut ”In the nightside eclipse” (1994) became one of the seminal black metal releases and will be performed in it’s entirety at SRF. The second album, “Anthems to the welkin at dusk” saw the band break through in a wider sense, with the album being named “album of the year” in several metal magazines, and a video for the single “The loss and curse of reverence” being played on MTV. In 2001, after merely four studio albums, Emperor folded. This obviously only added to the legend. For a while, in the mid-00s, the band did some live performances internationally, to then go their separate ways once more. Now these days are finally here again. In 2014, Emperor will return to a few select concert stages. Including Sweden Rock Festival as an exclusive show for Scandinavia.