Enchantya julkaisi uuden singlen ”Mother Hope”

Promokuva: Diana Fernandes

Portugalilainen melodista metallia soittava julkaisi uuden singlen ja musiikkivideon kappaleesta ”Mother Hope”. Kyseessä on ensimmäinen uusi kappale vuosi sitten ilmestyneen ”On Light And Wrath” -albumin jälkeen. Katso musiikkivideo tästä:

Laulaja Rute Fevereiro ja kosketinsoittaja Pedro Antunes kommentoivat:

”’Mother Hope’ was inspired by the situation the world currently lives with everything that Covid-19 brought with it. We live in a time when collective consciousness must prevail, as well as hope for a better world. Planet Earth is our home, as well as home to all the different species. This song speaks of the hope that humans will use these times to think both as a whole and in each individual. It is a theme that speaks of hope and that the outcome of this phenomenon now brings more unity between people regardless of race, gender or sexuality, and a better world for everyone. That option is within each of us, and one person can make all the difference.”

Singlen miksauksesta ja masteroinnista vastaa Fernando Matias (Moonspell, Bizarra Locomotiva, We Are The Damned, Sinistro, jne.) Pentagon Audio Manufacturers -studiolta.

Rute Fevereiro – Vocals and growls
Bruno Santos – Guitar
Fernando Barroso – Bass
Fernando Campos – Guitar
Pedro Antunes – Piano, Keys and Orchestrations
Bruno Guilherme – Drums


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