Ennakkokuuntelu: Deals Death – Point Zero Solution

Deals Death Point Zero SolutionRuotsalainen melodista death metallia soittava Deals Death julkaisee uuden ”Point Zero Solution” nimeä kantavan albuminsa syyskuun 13. päivä Spinefarm Recordsin kautta. Kaaoszine yhteistyössä yhtyeen kanssa tarjoaa nyt lukijoilleen viikon ajan mahdollisuuden kuunnella kyseisen albumin ennakkoon kokonaisuudessaan sivustollaan. Lue lisää kuunnellaksesi kyseinen albumin.

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1. Point Zero Solution:
”This track introduces the factors that lie behind a weakened society, a failed state. The lyrics deal with our human behaviour and our quest for comfort and luxury, at any cost.”

2. Facing the Echoes:
”This is a description of a downward spiral that stems from ignoring obvious and alarming facts. As those in charge of the most important mechanisms of society show us a glittering facade the rest of us are forced to face the echoes of their actions.”

3. Escalation:
”The downward spiral continues and we simply have to prepare for the inevitable. As the lyrics read: “A race against time to prepare for disaster”.”

4. Flatline:
”This song takes us right into the chaos of society’s breakdown. There’s looting and disorder as the paradigm of eternal growth and false hopes come to an end.”

5. Passion for Infinity:
”As the fact of society’s flatine has sunken in we find that resources are scarce. All the things we so heavily relied on are no more, our passion for infinity kept us blinded for too long.”

6. The Separation:
”This, the “ballad” of the album, picks up the story the day after the flatline. This is the only song that tells a story through the eyes of a single person. This person is horrified of this state that everybody’s been driven to, but he still sees hope and asks life changing questions to prevent the build-up of another failed state.”

7. Paramount authority:
”There’s not much lyrics on this track. And the reason is pretty simple. It simply makes the point that you shouldn’t accept information bases on authority. If you do that you will not see the pitfalls around the corner.”

8. Beyond reason:

”This track is a list of things that we should not do or engage in if we want a functioning society based on reasonable decisions. It’s about only seeing what you want to see.”

9. Dark Dream Dawn:
”People cry out for new leadership, free from deceit and odious plans. In the haze of shocking confessions, everybody has to navigate to the best of their abilities and avoid being lured by another set of murky promises.”

10. Back to consciousness:

”It’s time to reclaim and reconquer our standards of living. The hope is that we can do this by exposing the charlatans and start from scratch through a collective effort.”

11. Author of Arts:
”As one empire falls another one dawns. It’s time to become authors of the things we care about the most, not just followers. If we can manage to do that then we can finally be the authors and creators of a society that has a solid foundation without petty vendettas and conflicts.”

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