Ennakkokuuntelu: F.T.W. Boogie Machine – Rockers of Destruction

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 7.2.2014

F.T.W. Boogie Machine Rockers Of Destruction 2014Kotimainen rock´n´rollia soittava F.T.W. Boogie Machine julkaisee uuden viinalle, naisille, moottoripyörille ja bensalle haiskahtavan albuminsa nimeltä “Rockers of Destruction” helmikuun 14. päivä Violent Journey Recordsin kautta. Kaaoszine yhteistyössä yhtyeen kanssa tarjoaa nyt lukijoilleen viikon ajan mahdollisuuden kuunnella kyseisen albumin ennakkoon sivustollaan. Lue lisää kuunnellaksesi kyseinen albumi.

Yhtye kommentoi albumin kappaleita seuraavasti (englanniksi):

1. LibertyBoys
Pure catchy ”stadion rock” song with a twist. Simple and groovy stuff with a taste of Motörhead in it.

2. Rock And Roll Blood
About the hunger for the road. how a man can not keep it still, but need to rock and take the bike for a spin.

3. Hellion Breed
Riding and raising Hell. taste of Motörhead here and there. Maybe hints from heavy metal as well.

4. Chopper Men And Boogie Machines
Well, the name tells pretty much it. This is a song about building and riding…. choppers. HDs, Triumphs, AJs, Hondas…u name it. Musically this is pretty much standard 70´s rock like Ted Nugent but with a bit of punk attitude.

5. Twenty Flight Rock
An Eddie Cochran cover. Classic 50´s song got a F.T.W. Boogie Machine treatment. Harder, louder, cooler? You decide. We like it. This song features guest vocals from Tanya Kemppainen ( Soulgrind, ex-Lullacry, Papiljontit ) Rock!

6. Hot Wheels And Cold Steel
A bit faster song about the love for the metal. Or iron.

7. Big Fat Ass Bitch
People might think that this is a mug song about fat women, but nooot . This is a song about real wide ass motorbike. Believe it or not. Hah. We tried to find a bit Peer Günt, faster ACDC, Rose Tattoo mood into this. And kept it very simple, just a couple of riffs.

8. Snakebite Woman
Maybe you guessed it. This song is influenced by the Mad man himself, the governor of Rock And Roll, Mr Ted Nugent. No coping, but getting isnpiration. Simple riffs and catchy chorus…in a shhort form. Just Rock And Roll. And this is about a cheating woman.

9. Do You Want It All
A song about believing in your own thing, whatever it is. even if you have to go through a brick wall to get what you want, in the end you are all that matters.

10. Rat Faced Fools With No Rules
A song about breaking the rules and forgetting the society around. Drinking, riding and having fun.

11. Give Them Hell
A song about drag racing. For the heat of the moment, when the lights go done and all the adrenaline rush into your veins. More metal song than the others, but in the good way.

12. The Road
Last and different song on the album. This features Tanya again and is a kind of goodbye song. The party is over and you have to choose to stay or go. Some different instruments and mood on this one.

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