Ennakkokuuntelu: Gestalte – Ashes Of The Soul

Gestalte Ashes Of The Soul 2013Hollantilainen black metallia soittava Gestalte julkaisee uuden ”Ashes Of The Soul” nimeä kantavan albuminsa elokuun 1. päivä ja saapuu albumin julkaisun tiimoilta myös Suomeen kolmelle keikalle lokakuussa. Kaaoszine yhteistyössä yhtyeen kanssa tarjoaa nyt lukijoilleen viikon ajan mahdollisuuden kuunnella kyseisen albumin kokonaisuudessaan sivustollaan. Lue lisää kuunnellaksesi albumi. 

Yhtyeen vokalisti Dagon kommentoi albumin kappaleita seuraavasti:

1. ”The beginning Of The End”:
A Satanic anti-cosmic chaos/gnostic song, about the end of the universe, the destruction of order and the destruction of the false light. The lyrics will be printed for this song…

2. ”Onder De Zuilen Des Doods” (in English): ”Under The Columns Of Death”:
”A song in Dutch, about exploring the mystical and spiritual dark aspects of Death, Death as a superior souvereign force of darkness.”

3. ”Beyond Cosmic Thresholds”:
Again a view about Satanic gnostic chaos anti-cosmic spirituality exploring various mystical paths, about higher demons, about complex cerimonial rituals and magic, Its also about the massive destruction of this false universe and its disgusting false order, and its false light..

4. ”Ashes Of The Soul”:
”A song about the past, old rage and anger, depression… real insane hate… and rebirth with a new dark consciousness..”

5. ”A Red Black Holocaust Sky In A Nightmare Dimension”:
”A song of dwelling, chaos and madness…. spiritual insanity… and later dark clarity, isolation…”

6. ”Een Verleden Niet Vergeten” (in English:) ”A Past Not Forgotten”:
A song about bitter depression, insane inhuman rage and anger, dwellings.. mourning, hungering/longing, massive isolation, A steel willpower, pride… Spiriuality.. Past happenings and events not forgotten…

7. ”Op Naar Het Woud Der Smarten Part 1.” (in English:) ”Unto The Woods Of Sorrows”:
A song about the destruction of the false human ego.. A song about if you want to be set free mental and spiritual, one must accept the great Anti-cosmic Chaos! To be free accept that anti-cosmic Luciferian sovereign mystical force! Only that dark force can set you free from the false human ego. and can set you free from the false universe..

8. ”De Boom Der Smarten Part 2.” (in English): ”The Tree of Sorrows”:
Its about the end of the battle, a massive moment of clarity! and of the third eye power and vision! The false human ego is destroyed here, the darkness is accepted… certain higher demonic spiritual forces guide one into the highest dark forces beyond everything!!, were the Dark truth lies… Its a song of extreme spiritual and mental battle..

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