Enslavedilta viesti bändin tulevaan albumiin liittyen

Enslaved 2014Norjalainen kokeellista metallia soittava Enslaved on julkaissut Facebookissa virallisen päivityksen liittyen yhtyeen tulevan albumin nauhoituksiin. Yhtyeen seuraavan albumin miksaajaksi on valikoitunut Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia) ja se tullaan julkaisemaan ensi vuoden puolella. Voit lukea bändin viestin levystä tästä:

“As always, it is hard to formulate an exact direction Enslaved is or is not heading in with the new album. This duality is part of the essence of the band: The ability to maintain consistency and a strong identity and, at the same time, surprise both the oldest fans and even ourselves with new musical directions. The new material is darker and rawer, more aggressive and direct, yet continues the exploration deeper into progressive, softer, and more melodic territories with at times complex song structures, combined with unusually immediate (for Enslaved, at least) elements. The high level of energy in the songs reflects both an inspired and an ever-harder working band that keeps pushing their own and their associated genres’ limits.”

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