Entinen Celtic Frostin vokalisti pitää yhtyeen paluuta mahdottomana ajatuksena

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 2.6.2015

Triptykon 2014Legendaarisen Celtic Frostin vokalistina tunnettu ja nykyään Triptykonissa vaikuttava Tom Gabriel Fischer on antanut hiljattain haastattelun DC HeavyMetal -podcastille Maryland Deathfest XIII -festivaaleilla Yhdysvalloissa liittyen mahdolliseen Celtic Frostin paluuseen. Mies on kertonut haastattelussa Celtic Frostin paluun olevan mahdoton ajatus koska miehen luottamus vanhan bändinsä jäseniin on lähtenyt kokonaan. Voit lukea Tom Gabriel Fischerin mietteitä aiheesta tästä:

”I’m afraid that’s impossible, yeah. I mean, there’s no more animosity between me and Martin [Eric Ain, bass] — we just met, actually, a few weeks ago, as we do from time to time — but I think that window has closed. Even though Martin once said, ’Yeah, we’ll play music together again,’ but after that gargantuan disappointment, I don’t think I wanna set myself up for yet another one. CELTIC FROST was my life, and losing that twice wasn’t very easy. And I don’t trust these people anymore. I invested so much time and so much of my personal money and effort and my songs and my production and everything into the ’Monotheist’ album, and I did this because I believed the band could exist for many years. Then I felt betrayed and stabbed in the back. And I really… If I would ever get involved with that again, it would probably end the same, and I don’t wanna do that. TRIPTYKON is a circle of friends, and I prefer that. And, you know, anything I wanna do creatively, I can do it in TRIPTYKON.”