Entinen Judas Priest kitaristi K.K Downing avaa oman keikkapaikan Wolverhamptoniin Englantiin

Entinen Judas Priestin kitaristi K.K Downing avaa oman uuden konsertti- ja keikkapaikan Wolverhamptoniin, Englantiin. Nimeltään ”KK’s Steel Mill” oleva tapahtumapaikka tulee järjestämään useita hard rock sekä heavy metal tapahtumia tulevina kuukausina, yhtenä näistä mainittakoon yhdysvaltalaisyhtyeen Skid Rowin keikka elokuussa.

Downing itse on kommentoinut asiasta seuraavaa:

”It’s with great pleasure and excitement I can confirm another new chapter in my lifelong musical journey, however this time on the other side of the crowd barriers. As many fans may have already seen, I will be hosting live rock and metal shows at an exciting new venue close to home in Wolverhampton, based in the heart of the Midlands… The Home Of Metal. Last year, I was asked to visit this venue by a good friend, and together we agreed it would make an amazing place for fans to see top bands and artists close up in unique surroundings.”

”KK’s Steel Mill is very happy to have found its home at Starworks Warehouse. The historic building was the birthplace of The Star Motor Car Company around the early 1900s, and the building in its current format has kept that raw industrial feel. I’m looking forward to seeing many fans at the upcoming shows enjoy the music! I’ll probably see you at the bar.”


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