Entinen Megadeth-kitaristi Marty Friedman viimeistelemässä tulevaa sooloalbumiaan

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 8.8.2020

Yhdysvaltalaisen thrash metal -legenda Megadethin riveistä metallimaailman tietoisuuteen ponnistanut kitaristi Marty Friedman on parhaillaan viimeistelemässä tulevaa, toistaiseksi nimeämätöntä, sooloalbumiaan sekä jatkoa vuonna 2017 ilmestyneelle ”Wall Of Sound” -albumille. Marty on kertonut tuoreessa Shockwaves/HardRadio -podcastin haastattelussa viimeistelevänsä albumia parhaillaan, mutta koronaviruksen vuoksi albumin julkaisun suhteen ei ole vielä tehty päätöksiä. Marty kertoi albumin teosta seuraavaa:

”I’m still working on the record. I haven’t really got anything to report as for when and where it’s gonna get released, because, obviously, COVID changed a lot of release dates and event things.

I haven’t really talked about the record anywhere yet, because I wanna wait till I can tell people when it’s coming out and stuff. But I’m still working on it. It’s really close to being done, but since we got so many extensions because of the COVID thing, I’ve been able to go in and re-tool it and just have the luxury of doing remixes and replaying stuff. It’s really kind of the ultimate way to make a record.”

Kysyttäessä millaista musiikkia albumilta voidaan odottaa kertoi Marty seuraavaa:

”Any record that I do, as you know, as everybody who listens to my stuff knows, it’s gonna be — at least in my opinion — one step further, deeper, more, above, whatever it is; just a new step farther ahead, advanced — just something I’ve never done before. And I’ve had the luxury of much more time and much more of other people’s time as well.

Usually, it’s really hard to track down and nail down members and studio people. You really wanna have your ’A team’, but sometimes the ’A team’ is very busy. But now it’s been a lot easier to get people on board who are usually really, really busy, so scheduling has been just a breeze. And [I] love that.”