Entinen Soilwork-rumpali Dirk Verbeuren paljastaa tuoreessa haastattelussa totuuden siitä kuinka päätyi osaksi Megadethia

Aiemmin ruotsalaisessa Soilworkissa soittanut ja vuonna 2016 Megadethin riveihin loikannut rumpali Dirk Verbeuren on antanut hiljattain Bad Wolves -kitaristi Doc Coylen ”The Ex Man” -podcastille haastattelun, jossa hän on paljastanut totuuden siitä kuinka päätyi osaksi Dave Mustainen luotsaamaa bändiä.

Chris Adlerin on aiemmin kerrottu suositelleen Dirkiä Dave Mustainelle korvaajakseen, mutta tarina ei ole aivan täysin ole, ja nyt Dirk on päättänyt kertoa asioiden todellisen laidan. Voit lukea tästä, mitä kerrottavaa hänellä oli aiheesta ja kuinka liittyminen Megadethiin lopulta tapahtui Dave Mustainen kanssa käydyn puhelinkeskustelun jälkeen:

”It’s a complicated story. [Chris] reached out to me the first about it — he texted me about it without being specific — but the official story that it was all Chris Adler who recommended me to the band, eh, that’s not really the real deal. I’m not gonna get into detail about it, ’cause I don’t really wanna throw anybody under the bus or anything like that. But anyways, the connection was made. Because when somebody like Dave [Mustaine, Megadeth leader] is looking for, whether it’s somebody for his crew or a new musician or whatever, he puts out a bunch of feelers with a bunch of different people. And I guess I was on many people’s lists somehow, and it kind of converged then to that I got the call.

And initially I was only supposed to be filling in for Chris, who was still in the band at the time, but that quickly turned into a full-time gig offer, because there were some issues happening. Obviously, Chris being in Lamb of God and Megadeth at the same time was an issue, which is very easy to understand. Because having two bands like that, even if they are on the same management, it’s gonna be really hard to make that happen. And then, of course, somebody like Dave, and even [Megadeth bassist] David Ellefson, guys who have been around since the early ’80s, I don’t know that their thing is really to have a guy who’s gonna be available part time. I think they kind of feel like, ’Yeah, we have the right to have our full-time drummer.’ It kind of makes sense. So that’s kind of how it came about.

A bunch of people made lists of people that they thought could fit the gig, and it turned out that… I knew some people, like Tony Laureano [Megadeth’s] drum tech, is a longtime friend of mine, ’cause Scarve [Dirk’s former band] toured with Nile many years before, and we stayed in touch. I had met [current Megadeth guitarist] Kiko [Loureiro] before, and he had recommended me many times, because he was a big Soilwork fan, he’s a big Soilwork fan, and he always liked what I did. And there were a few other people as well. So it kind of just converged to, all of a sudden, I’m on tour with Soilwork, and I get a call that Dave Mustaine wants to talk to me, which was, like, ’Excuse me?'”

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