Entiseltä Lamb Of God -rumpalilta Chris Adlerilta uusi metallibändi yhdessä Megadethin entisen basistin James Lomenzon kanssa

Yhdysvaltalaisesta metalliyhtye Lamb Of Godista vuonna 2019 pois lähtenyt rumpali Chris Adler on perustamassa uutta metallimusiikkia soittavaa projektia yhdessä Megadethin / Black Label Societyn entisen basistin James Lomenzon kanssa. James paljasti asian NAMM-tapahtuman yhteydessä ”The Blairing Out With Eric Blair Show” -ohjelmalle ja kertoi projektin syntymisestä sekä soittamisesta yhdessä Adlerin kanssa seuraavaa:

”I’m making some music with [Chris] right now and a couple of other really talented fellows. And we’re actually putting together music as we speak. And it’s more metal-oriented, which I didn’t dip my fingers in that for a couple of years. So that’s exciting.”

”He’s an extraordinary drummer. Not only is he a modern metal drummer in that he has speed and he has accuracy and, obviously, energy, but he’s got a lot of soul, too, in his playing. He’s able to kind of pull back on the beats in a way that some other drummers these days don’t even consider. He’s got a wide variety of music that he likes. And he’s a wonderful guy. I first met him when I was in on the Gigantour, and he was a swell guy. And my jaw hit the floor when I saw [] play and saw his drumming. So I was really delighted to get to know him this year and play music with him.”

”Chris and I got off tour [with HAIL!], of doing this overseas thing [last October], and he called me up and he asked me for some numbers of musicians. I said, ’What do you wanna do?’ He goes, ’Well, I’m doing some music, so I thought I’d try a few things.’ And I said, ’Well, don’t forget I play bass.’ And he was, ’Oh, I didn’t wanna ask you. But, of course.’ And so he started sending me some tunes. This fellow Pat plays guitar. Another fellow he ran into in India, a guy named Girish [Pradhan] — an amazing singer. He’s just been tripping over these things. So I think his path is kind of putting this all together. We’ve been demoing music together, and we’re just seeing what it is.”

James Lomenzo kertoi projektin musiikillisesta suuntauksesta seuraavaa:

”What I think it is right now, I think it’s a perfect blend of modern music and classic metal music, which I think is just based on the elements that are put into it. So I’m really excited about it. I think it’s really exciting music. I think it’s accessible music. A lot of older metal fans and younger metal fans will be able to grab on to both parts of it. And so we’re gonna see if we wanna take it any further right now. We’re still just making music and seeing how it sounds.”

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