Evanescencen Amy Leen coverointi U2:sta kuunneltavissa

Amy Lee 2015Evanescencen vokalisti on julkaissut hiljattain oman Youtube -kanavan. Neitokainen on julkaissut kanavallaan coverin :n kappaleesta ”With Or Without You” ja voit katsoa Amy Leen version biisistä tästä:

Nainen on itse kertonut coveristaan seuraavaa:

”Sometimes I dream in music. This dark version of U2’s immortal song was playing in my head as I woke up one morning. I was lingering in that half-awake, half-asleep place, with no images — just darkness, this song and huge emotions. As I was becoming conscious, I just kept thinking, ’Don’t let it go, don’t forget!’ And I went straight upstairs and laid down the synth and basic vocal.”

”I had the pleasure of seeing U2 live at [Madison Square Garden] this year and it was powerful and inspiring. It made me excited to play live again! This track is still my favorite of theirs.

”Love is rarely simple; more often, it’s tearing your guts out. And I think that’s why this song creeps into my dreams and haunts me.”

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