Evil Driven leirissä muutoksia: yhtyeen kitaristi jätti bändin

Evil Drive 2016Kotimaisen metallia soittava Evil Driven jäsenistössä on tapahtunut muutoksia. Yhtyeen kitaristi Niko Huusari on päättänyt jättää yhtyeen ja bändi on nimennyt uudeksi kitaristikseen mm. Alcantariassa aiemmin soittaneen Juha-Pekka ”J-P” Pusan. Yhtye on itse kommentoinut asiaa seuraavasti:

“Hey folks, we have some news for you. We all together as the band Evil Drive had to separate from our longtime comrade and guitarist Niko Huusari. This difficult decision is based on personal reasons of Niko and we please you to respect that this is a matter between the band and Niko. Even though bands and musicians are part of the public in general there are some things which have to stay private. We thank Niko for everything he did for the band and wish him all the best for his future with his other activities. At the same time we are glad to announce our new guitarist Juha-Pekka “J-P” Pusa (Alcantaria). J-P lives in Karhula and he has a long experience of playing and performing with diffent bands and projects.

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