Evil Driven tulevan albumin tiedot julki: Levy luvassa maaliskuussa

Evil Drive SaariHelvetti 2017

Kotka-Hamina-Helsinki -akselilla operoiva metalliyhtye Evil Drive on julkaisemassa seuraavaa, ”Ragemaker” -nimistä albumiaan maaliskuun 30. päivä Reaper Entertainment Europen kautta.

Yhtyeen tulevan albumin tiedot on nyt julkaistu ja voit katsoa ne tästä:

1. Intro (The Rage Is Rising)
2. Anti-Genocide
3. The System Is Dead
4. Fight To Die
5. Legends Never Die
6. Ragemaker
7. Fire Is Her Name
8. There Is No God
9. Run Through The Dark
10. Suicide Nation
11. Killed by Death (Motörhead Cover)

Bändi on kertonut tulevasta albumistaan seuraavaa:

”Like with the first album, the artwork was created by Jarkko Vanhalakka. We gave him free hands to develop it, but of course, we gave him the title and the songs for getting right kind of inspiration. The word Ragemaker doesn’t mean anything really, but the name came up while we were watching the news and reading all the magazines and the newspapers which were full of news about pedophiles and other kinds of sick people whose main priority is to hurt others. So basically, the name of the song and the song itself is about those things and about the anger that we feel about those people. And besides the word Ragemaker sounds good, so we decided that it’ll be the album title.”

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