Exhumed basisti palasi yhtyeeseen

Yhdysvaltalaisen goregrindia soittavan Exhumedin entinen basisti Bud Burke on palannut yhtyeeseen ja hän korvaa yhtyeen jättäneen Wes Caleyn yhtyeen uutena kitaristina. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen vokalistin Matt Harveyn viesti aiheeseen liittyen.

”We’re psyched to welcome Bud Burke back in the ranks of EXHUMED, this time on lead guitar. For those of you who knew him as our bassist (from ’99 – ’04), you will be pleasantly surprised when he melts your face onstage with the band for the Summer Slaughter tour. Rob [Babcock], Mike [Hamilton] and I are all excited to have someone with killer chops and a deep history with the band on board. We look forward to coming to your town, drinking all your beer and then making fun of your record collection as usual!

”After the Canadian Ritual tour with THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, we made the decision to part ways with guitarist Wes Caley, and Bud was the perfect person to step in on lead guitar. I know Wes’ new project, DOWNFALL, is currently in the works and will be awesome and we wish him the best. In the meantime, we’ll see all your drooling, sweaty faces on the road!”

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